SEATS OF UNDERSTANDING - 15th International Design Contest organized by Trieste Contemporanea

Students are invited to participate in SEATS OF UNDERSTANDING, the 15th International Design Contest organized by Trieste Contemporanea, a contemporary art hub of research and dissemination in Central Eastern Europe.

The new edition of this renowned ideas competition is an initiative towards “GO! 2025 — Nova Gorica and Gorizia European Capital of Culture 2025” event.

The contestants should design a potentially iconic item of street furniture: a seating installation, such as a functional bench, that could also represent symbolic meanings linked to historical location of Nova Gorica/Gorizia and the sharing of cultural values.

To support preliminary project studies, a visit to Nova Gorica and Gorizia will be organized for contestants on April 13, 2024 (online form to register) and a webinar on April 24, 2024 (online form to register). Anyone interested can register through the appropriate online forms on the Trieste Contemporanea website.

The prizes up for grabs are the Beba Prize for the youngest designer individually participating (1,000 euros), the CEI Prize for the best design from one of the non-EU CEI countries (3,000 euros), the Gillo Dorfles Prize / First Prize Trieste Contemporanea for the best design (4,000 euros), and the new KATHLEEN FOREMAN CASALI FOUNDATION PRIZE  (2.000 euros) for the best design from Trieste among those selected (it can be awarded also to a group, composed of members born in Trieste - for more information, read the dedicated page).

Candidates are invited to submit an original and unpublished project by May 12, 2024 through the appropriate online application form on the Trieste Contemporanea website. Participation is open, without charge, to professionals from Central Eastern Europe (the list of eligible countries can be consulted in the rules).